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Artist snapshot – Eleanor Malbon

March 10, 2015

Eleanor Malbon will be performing Eucapocalypts Now with Aaron Kirby on Sunday 22 March, 3.30pm – 4.30pm at West Side at Acton Park.

Describe your work in a few sentences.

I write poetry that lends itself to being performed.

How long have you lived in Canberra?

22 years, with a few stints elsewhere.

What are you most excited about with your poetry for YAH?

Eucapocalypts Now is focussed on getting the audience members to have a conversation with us and between themselves. I’m excited about the reactions that friends and strangers will have to the world we describe. We’ve made the discussion really accessible – we’re mostly interested in exploring what the human experience might be like in a radically changes social, economic and ecological world – and that is something that everyone can talk about.

What was a highlight of 2014 for you in terms of your work/art?

In July I did a short course with the founders of the Dark Mountain project – Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine. I found myself with a pretty eclectic group of writers, and through that I found some people who are totally rad and fascinating. The conversations I had there are still resonating with me, and I’m hoping to find the time to move those thoughts in written words after YAH is over.

What’s your favourite Canberran coffee joint?

I don’t drink coffee! But I like to go to Sweet Bones for a treat.

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Image credit: Adam Thomas