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Producer Profile – Nick Delatovic

March 8, 2015

We’re bringing you these Producer Profiles so you can get to know the brains and faces behind You Are Here 2015! First up, Nick Delatovic, Managing Producer.

What kind of art do you make?

I make songs, theatre shows (that sometimes have songs), records (which necessarily have songs), music videos ( a theme emerges), live gigs and some film stuff.

What draws you to promoting and facilitating the work of others, through something like YAH?

I feel like I’m just paying forward the mentoring and support that I’ve gotten from the Canberra scene over the years. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my time as an artist and it’s satisfying work trying to help folks have a smoother and easier time than I did.

How did you first come into contact with the festival?

I was roped in back in the first year, when my friend Dave Finnigan was commissioned to create the festival with three months notice. Dave was asking everyone he knew if they had any projects on the go. I smelt the  chance for a gig and told him I had this whole grand concept on the go (in reality I was making it up on the spot). My idea became the opening night event of the very first You Are Here.

What has been your best YAH moment so far?

Maybe the No Lights No Lycra dance party in our 2013 Hub Space (which was an ex-menswear store). As a tee-total dork who loves to dance it was satisfying to see a large group of people going completely crazy at a drug-and-alcohol free event only meters away from one of Canberra’s roughest nightclub.

And the worst?

We produced some very ill-advised Christmas events for Canberra CBD at the end of 2013. There’s was one called What’s Up Camel?. My chest tightens up when I think about it.

What would be your ultimate creative dream?

No Spoilers.

What’s the last book you read? Did you love it or hate it?

I mostly read comics, and I usually love them.

What’s your favourite endangered animal species?

I just looked up a list of endangered species, it was in alphabetical order and right at the top was the Abbott’s Booby. So yeah.

If people only get one thing out of YAH, what do you hope it is? 

The dream is that they walk out saying to themselves ‘I’m so glad I live in Canberra’, the way I do every day.