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Artist Spotlight: Ms Constance Spry

March 30, 2017

Ever wanted to write the perfect letter, but not sure where to start? On Wednesday 5 April from 6 – 7.30pm, Ms Constance Spry will occupy The Festival Hub with her Letter Writing Service.

Ms Constance and her team of writers will help you to compose the perfect letter of your choosing – be it a love letter, a letter of demand, or simply a letter of greetings to an old friend.

We caught up with Ms Spry to talk all things correspondence:

Photo: Andrew Sikorski

Hello Constance! Tell us about the letter writing service?

Ms Constance Spry’s Letter Writing Service has been providing letters of distinction since 2016.  We invite all and sundry to avail themselves of our service and request a letter, any letter for any intent or purpose. With the utmost of patience, and after selecting suitable stationary, we will in all seriousness transpose to the page the contents of the requested letter. We do however like to translate many sentiments into phrases we feel are in keeping with the service’s credo of magnificence. At all times the writers aim to keep their slightly off centre witticisms mostly to themselves.

What is special about letter writing, compared to other forms of correspondence?

Oh goodness if you need to ask you need to get a letter written my dear. Nothing compares to a letter. The thrill of the thought converted to the written word.  The metal process of composition. The elegance of language. Letters are a gift, they travel in physical space to their intended recipient who receives them with a pulse quickening moment of  anticipation. Letters contain great meaning even before they contain any content.  Letters are perfect, untainted by indifference the exist in a singular moment of revelation.
You are certainly welcome to quote me as saying “At Ms Constance Spry’s Letter Writing Service we aim to realise the highest ideals of the human race through the art of letter writing and make our land the greatest letter writing nation the world has ever known..”

In the Victorian era, vinegar valentines were very popular. Have you ever written (or wanted to) write similar notes?

At Ms Constance Spry we don’t judge or dictate the intent of our clients and certainly a few less than favourable letters have been know to be typed by our service. Letters can make people exclaim with delight, awe, love or just as equally cry out with despair and sadness. Such decisions are beyond our humble letter writers who only seek to bring the sentiment of our clients to the page. Having said that, we do of course refuse to cooperate with evil in all its forms. We would also like to have it on the official record that the majority of our writers like a bit of vinegar now and again.

If you were a pen, what type would you be?

I don’t even need to think on this, as thoughts of pens are a special part of any letter writers day and it’s not unusual for me to imagine myself reincarnated into that most lofty of writing instrument. Without reservation I would be a fine quill made from an ostrich  feather of purest white with a silver nib. May I also add that as a quill I would have a preference for emerald ink.

What’s your favourite letter? (Either one you have received, written or helped write, or a historical letter you find compelling?)

That is like asking me to choose between the sun and the moon, the ocean or the land. How could I choose a love letter over a well constructed and terse letter of demand. Both have their own inner qualities. Famous letters are many, and lost letters are countless beyond measure. Letters are as memorable as the thoughts and feelings they convey. But if pressed I would say that John Kador’s letter of rejection is the rock upon which I live my life, such is the power of the words that particular letter contains.

Finally, what YAH17 events are you most looking forward to?

Oh I simply love the line up this year, a good risk-taking festival. I will be attending as many items in the program as possible.

I am looking forward to the nostalgia mingled with loss of Someplace That I Used To Know. I’m going to debrief with Australian Dream Consultancy and can’t wait to  boogie my little heart out at the Milk-Crate Band-Stand. I’m also a big fan of Big hART so Project O should be inspirational.