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Event Spotlight: House-Bound

March 29, 2017

House-Bound presents three shows within the intimate setting of a private house in Canberra’s inner north! Sometimes you just need a cosy night at home. Come join us for a light supper and a night of excellent performance works.

We caught up with Morgan Little, the House-Bound producer to find out more:

photo of a living room

 Tell us more about the idea of House-Bound, why did you want to stage theatre works in a private house?

After two years of doing Dangerous Territory theatre in non-conventional spaces around the city, I thought it would be great to take the theatre in the festival in another direction. It was actually a bit of a perfect storm; Let’s Stay In Tonight in 2016 was super well-received, and we had an artist apply with a show that is set in a lounge-room. I started looking at some of the other theatre works we were considering, and how they might fit into a homey environment – and hit upon three that suited the homeplace well.

I was gonna say something about how traditional theatre venues aren’t affordable for a lot of indie theatremakers, and seeking alternate venues. But it’s not as though a house is more affordable if you’re an artist in your 20s!

Does the intimate house setting change the tone of events, or the way they are received by the audience?

There’s so much codified behaviour for everyone who goes to the theatre. Mill around in the foyer and make awkward chit chat over a beverage, shuffle into the theatre, shuffle out again at the end/intermission and make more small talk over another beverage. It makes me super uncomfortable, as both an audience member and a theatremaker.

Being in a house disrupts that behaviour. You’re sitting in a cosy, familiar loungeroom, the performers are in arms-reaching distance. You can see everyone around you. It’s a lot more relaxed.

Also there are houses everywhere. Touring options are insane.

House-Bound comes after YAH16’s very successful house-based program, Let’s Stay In Tonight. What was the response from artists who presented works there?

Some of the artists were well-versed in performing in homes, others had never done it before. Everyone had an absolute blast. They got to showcase work that wouldn’t exist in any other environment; we created some really intimate moments in the lounge room and backyard bathtub.

It can be either a bit terrifying, or completely exciting to visit a complete stranger’s house like this, what are some general etiquette tips for audiences?

Don’t be a jerk! No but actually, you’re a guest in someone’s home. Be respectful of the property, of people’s property, and the people you’re in the house with. Because we’re all there to have a good night and you’re intrinsically contributing to that.

Also if you buy a ticket, show up. Spots are super limited!

House-Bound takes place on Thursday 6 and Saturday 8 April, 6.30pm – 10pm. Tickets: $20, includes a light supper. 

For more information and to book tickets, click here