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Event Spotlight: Milk-Crate Band-Stand

April 4, 2017

Milk-Crate Band-Stand is our little snack-pack for your ears. A three part series of lunchtime concerts, Milk-Crate Band-Stand features some of your favourite bands going head to head covering each others’ music.

We caught up with event producer, Hayden Fritzlaff to find out more:

Hi Hayden, please write us a haiku about Milk-crate Band-stand

Um, what else is there
to do in Canberra but
sing and play guitar?

Very good! Who’s involved?

Jim Dusty vs Azim Zain on Friday
Moaning Lisa vs The Lowlands on Thursday
h. vs benjamindrury on Wednesday

It’s not really a competition, but when DJs go head to head they use the term ‘vs’. We’re gonna try it for local folk and punk bands covering other local folk and punk bands.

Do Canberra musicians often cover each others songs – or are audiences in for a unique treat?

It rarely happens, but when it does it’s magic. The fact that a large percentage of the audience at any given show is made up of people who play in their own bands is what makes it special. Songwriting is in very very good hands in this city right now. This is a way of celebrating the literature of that music.

What’s the best thing about covers?

Learning covers can really bring you together as a band, make you change the way you approach music, get you out of your creative slump. They can also make you hate each other. Covering a song forces you to learn it inside-out, but it also makes you approach things in a different way. A good song can be boiled down to a solo instrument and voice or built up with something complex.

If you were a lunch-food, what would you be?

A salad with sweet potato, cheese and gluten-free croutons. It seems grown-up but it’s still not really sure what it wants to be.