You Are Here 2019 Artist Development Program Callout!

You Are Here is looking for experimental artists from all disciplines to apply to our 2019 artist development program.

If you are one of our ten successful applicants, you will:

Participants in the artist development program will receive a fee of $1,135.80 (inc gst). An additional artist fee/budget will be negotiated for any artist participation in the 2019 You Are Here Festival.

It is a condition of acceptance to the program that artists will be able to make the fortnightly meetings, likely to be 6-9pm on a weeknight (TBC).

Applications are due 11.55pm Monday the 4th of March.

To apply send us:

1. A Cover Letter (1.5 page Max) introducing yourself and addressing the following 3 points:

2. A one-page Creative CV, giving us a run down of your artistic work to date.

Send your application to

You’re encouraged to hit us up for a chat before submitting your application. Send your questions or request a phone chat by emailing


Who Is You Are Here?

You Are Here is an independent arts organisation supporting artists and creative communities in the ACT to create experimental art and experiences. Our producer team has extensive experience across the creative industries, working with artists from all artforms. We care about art that is fearless and challenging, from the sublime to the grotesque, that asks difficult questions without being inaccessible and brings us closer together as artists and community. You Are Here is always working to ensure that work created asks questions and has a real reason to exist, but we also believe that that kind of art is accessible to every kind of person.

Over the last year, You Are Here has begun transitioning from one of Canberra’s premier experimental arts festivals into an artist development program, with an aim to enrich and strengthen the diaspora of Canberra’s creative community.

You Are Here 2019 will culminate in a series of festival events, showcasing the results of this new artistic development program.

How Does This Program Work?

The 2019 artist development program will accept 10 artists. All artist will meet fortnightly as a community, facilitated by You Are Here Creative Producers. These sessions will be up to three hours long, with a focus on activities such as:

A specific development goal will be worked out with each individual, based on what’s important and useful to them. Your participation in the program will be centred around achieving that goal.

Who Are You Looking For?

We’re looking for artists more than artworks. If you want and need a development experience that will take you out of your comfort zone, demand that you connect in a real way with artists from a diversity of backgrounds, and give you a whole new set of skills and approaches for making your stuff, then you should apply.

Don’t get us wrong though, it won’t be a nasty-disguised-as-honest bootcamp-dragon’s-den thing, it’ll be warm, nurturing environment that works hard at being a safe space for all.

We strongly encourages Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons, LGBTIQ+ persons and persons with a disability to apply for this program. 

Is This Program About Making Something For The You Are Here Festival?

If you want, but you don’t have to. Participants who want their artwork to happen at the festival will have that happen, but you don’t have to create a festival-style, audience-based artwork to be part of this program.

I consider myself more of a creative producer and facilitator. Is this program for me?

Yes 100%, you should apply.