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Aerobicide: Feel Better

  • LOCATION: Haig Park : Corner of Lonsdale St and Girrahween St
  • ARTIST/S: Amelia de Frost, Babyfreeze, Adam Thomas, Dead DJ Joke
  • WHEN: 7pm to 10pm
    7 April 2017


‘TotalSpray™ presents the complete wellness solution for the party crowd! Lifestyle/Microwave Cooking Guru Amelia de Frost and Electro-Punk Spiritualist Babyfreeze will demonstrate the effectiveness of the Aerobicide system by partying with Extreme Wellness for three-hours non-stop! Join them in the dance health revolution of having it all!’

Aerobicide: Feel Better is a performance art installation that you can dance along to. You’ll enjoy watching the performers succumb to the physical and existential toll of modern wellness culture, set to a pumping set of mutant dance-pop classics by the acclaimed Dead DJ Joke.


Amelia de Frost is the much lauded celebrity microwave enthusiast and chef who stars in her own award winning YouTube production You Should Try… From microwave steaks to one-minute mug cakes, de Frost dazzles audiences with microwave wonders and special guest appearances, demonstrating how easily you can transform your lifestyle with the simple press of a button and a small collection of microwave safe accessories.
Babyfreeze is the frontperson for controversial Electro-Party-Punk organisation Babyfreeze, whose status as a religious charity was suspended in 2016.
Adam Thomas is the maker/photographer/facebook profile picture provider-in-residence for the Canberra arts scene.
Dead DJ Joke is a rogue sentient weaponised mash-up of all truly great pop music also airhorn.

Image: Adelaide Rief

  • Photo: Adelaide Rief