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Bunch of A5s

  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: Reuben Ingall, Emma Kelly, Paul Heslin, Chloë Hobbs, Ben Drury
  • WHEN: 9pm to 10pm
    5 April 2017


This experimental music event challenges the composers, performers and audience in equal measure. Canberrans Emma Kelly, Paul Heslin, Chloe Hobbs and Ben Drury have been commissioned to create new short works. BUT! the compositions must fit on an A5 piece of paper. WHAT’S MORE! They’ll be performed by a group of untrained volunteer vocalists who will only see their scores a few minutes before performing.

By ‘basking in their limitations’, the composers will no doubt serve up bizarre, wonderful, and refreshing new works. Their ideas and creative processes will be illuminated via a quick-fire Q&A.

The Artists

Reuben Ingall makes music with computers, from sad-indietronica to dancefloor mashups, to scores for theatre, dance and film.

Emma Kelly has played in the groups Mr Fibby and The Ellis Collective, and currently performs solo as Happy Axe.

Paul Heslin is a composer/producer/whatever based in Canberra.

Chloë Hobbs is an experimental composer and free-improviser challenging traditional concepts of musical hierarchies through the use of open forms, improvisation, and unconventional instruments.

Ben Drury is a composition major at the ANU School of Music working with experimental and improvisatory sound production methods.


Image: Benjamin Drury

  • Photo: Benjamin Drury