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  • LOCATION: Ainslie Place : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: Somebody's Aunt
  • WHEN: 12pm to 1pm
    8 April 2017


Is your connection patchy? Intermittent? See how Somebody’s Aunt finds ingenious ways to link, relate, and friend others. This improvising group of movers collaborate with musicians Nitya Bernard Parker and Andrew Purdam to explore what makes or breaks our connections, from intimate encounters to the wider web of life. See how being connected affects you!


Somebody’s Aunt is an ensemble of improvising Canberra women creating their own mix of dance, theatre, voice, music and humour, often with a political edge and in unconventional performance spaces. For 12 years they have been playing, creating and performing, with a passion to communicate meaning through movement. Their recent work includes “and what do you do?” at the Ralph Wilson Theatre; Carrying Capacity; Niche; and short flat long black white.  

Nitya Bernard Parker is a versatile musician with an insatiable appetite to embrace great musical traditions such as Hindustani, flamenco and jazz. He is a leading exponent of the bansuri, a six-holed transverse bamboo flute, used in both folk and classical Indian music. He currently performs with Mohona, RAMAN, Tapestries of Sound, Mirramu Dance, as well as a solo artist. His CDs include Breath of Love; The Heart Takes Wing; and In Beauty (2013 Mohona).

Andrew Purdam has been supporting multi-disciplinary and international performing artists in Canberra for 25 years as a percussionist and multi-instrumentalist. He is absolutely delighted to be playing with Somebody’s Aunt, whom he has been a big fan of for many years.


  • Photo: Brett Lowe