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Deciduous Waltz (Cancelled)

  • LOCATION: City Hill : Vernon Circle (road crossing from Theatre Lane)
  • ARTIST/S: Ashlee Bye, Patrick Meessman
  • WHEN: 11am to 12pm
    9 April 2017


Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to rain. We are hoping to reschedule, and will make an announcement as soon as we can – sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop!

Jack and Jill go up the hill
Close to the CBD
They don their frocks and coattails
And have a spot of tea

The leaves have turned, the slope is steep
And though they waltz around
The timeless tune is sure to play
They both go tumbling down

Deciduous Waltz is a playful duet set on the slopes of City Hill with glimpses of period costumes, China tea cups and snatches of crackly gramophone music. Centred in the city of circles, we circle the absurd and trip up the tricky terrain.


Ashlee and Patrick are graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. They both come from a youth dance background, respectively in Canberra and the far coast of New South Wales, which involved community based projects and exposure to professionals from the performing arts community from a young age. Since graduating Ashlee and Patrick have collaborated on various teaching and performance based projects, including a dance theatre work titled “Piccolo Cor” which was presented at the Dunedin Fringe Festival in 2012 and was asked to return the following year by Counterpoint Productions for a following season. They have also collaborated in devising the ongoing dance program at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar. They have delivered workshops to students all around the Melbourne metropolitan region with various performance outcomes. Their latest work was the initial development and performance of “Deciduous Waltz” which will be further developed and presented at this year’s YAH festival in Canberra.

  • Photo: Andrew Law