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Drunk White Friend: Durational Table Read

  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave : 46 Northbourne Avenue
  • ARTIST/S: Writers Room X
  • WHEN: 2pm to 7pm
    8 April 2017


When a 20-something artist is accused of being ‘date racist’ by her long-suffering best friend she launches ineptly into the world of cross-cultural romance in an attempt to prove her wrong.

Come watch the making of your new favorite show as the creators work out how to make their sitcom about race and relationships right in front of you!

It’s a playful deconstruction of the TV Show Table Read. It’s the latest phase of the Writers Room X project, which uses the structural trappings of TV to devise the kind of stories and characters that TV doesn’t do enough.  

Writers Room X only have five hours to work out their You Are Here show (Drunk White Friend: Script In Hand) before it goes live in front of an audience. With that kind of pressure,

why would they possibly open their rehearsals to the public?


Writer Room X is an experiment in truly group-devised scriptwriting. WRX uses the structural trappings of the conventional TV Writers Room as a tool for a diverse group of young Australian writers to create the kind of characters and stories that you still don’t see nearly enough of on TV.
Season One of ‘Drunk White Friend’ was created through the first Writers Room X intensive, which took place as part of the 2016 Noted Festival.

Writers Room X is Tasnim Hossain, Khalid Warsame, Emma McManus, Linda Chen, Chiara Grassia and Nick Delatovic.

  • Photo: Adam Thomas