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Electric Avenues

  • LOCATION: Haig Park : Corner of Lonsdale St and Girrahween St
  • ARTIST/S: Various
  • WHEN: 6pm to 11pm
    7 April 2017


We’re turning Haig Park on its head.

Armed with music, art and good company, we’ll transform this iconic inner-city space into a weird and magical world.


Come experience a festival within a festival, for one night only, at You Are Here 2017!


low flung single launch

+ more TBA


Inhabit Haig Park with us, engaging with its capacity to prompt fear and loathing as well as love and peace. Come on a sensory journey of destruction and redemption, with pockets of joy and avenues of fear. In the spirit of situationist art, we will invoke festivity and fantasy as ritualised reconciliation with an an exclusive past and (re)imaginings of a just and inclusive future. Drawing on memories of its 90 year history as a windbreak and now underused public space, we ask: what it would mean to reclaim this space? Dance/Poetry/Experimental music/Installation/Physical theatre/Witchcraft.

Aerobicide: Feel Better
‘TotalSpray™ presents the complete wellness solution for the party crowd! Lifestyle/Microwave Cooking Guru Amelia de Frost and Electro-Punk Spiritualist Babyfreeze will demonstrate the effectiveness of the Aerobicide system by partying with Extreme Wellness for three-hours non-stop! Join them in the dance health revolution of having it all!’

Aerobicide: Feel Better is a performance art installation that you can dance along to. You’ll enjoy watching the performers succumb to the physical and existential toll of modern wellness culture, set to a pumping set of mutant dance-pop classics by the acclaimed Dead DJ Joke.

Australian Dream Consultancy
The Australian Dream Consultancy is brought to you by Liminal Enterprise. Liminal Enterprise: Our Expertise Is Free! It won’t cost you anything to talk to us about your Australian Dream.

Liminal Enterprise would like to talk with Canberrans about cost of living pressures, and how the concept of the domestic is changing. What is the Australian Dream today – is it still a quarter-acre block? As housing prices skyrocket around Australia many of us wonder if we can afford, or even want to participate in, this concept of the Australian Dream.

Municipal Animal (featuring Kilroy)
Municipal Animal is an interactive exhibition to help you experiment with a new and fantastical identity – to escape your human repression and insecurities.  Isabelle Mackay-Sim’s elaborately constructed masks sit between sculpture and costume and their wearers will inject a healthy dose of surrealism into the landscape of the city centre. The masks are made from recycled materials crowd-sourced from around Canberra.

Local indie-duo Kilroy will be crafting improvised and dreamlike soundscapes to accompany the work. Document your newfound animal identity and contribute to #municipalanimal on Instagram!

Ostracod are a free improvisation group made from members of the Canberra Experimental Musical Studio. The band consists of Ben Harb: oud and synthesizers, Millie Watson: piano and electronics and Benjamin Drury: double bass and electronics. For this event the musicians will surround and perform to an audience situated inside a tent. Ostracod will improvise musical ideas, sounds and textures creating an environment in which any sound can be musical and music is all sounds and in which anything is possible.

From You, This Future
Discovered late 2055: a smooth grey tablet, round at its edge, glows white when marked with a stylus. Trials find the esoteric tradition of ‘writing’ encodes a ‘letter’ (message). Historical analysis now suggests these are/were projected back to a previous self, possibly across many decades. This is the first presentation of letters written and invite for new participants. What would you write to your early millennium? What would you have written?

Sight Unseen
Don’t look! Just draw! Observe the Canberra you usually pass by with a different eye. Record what you see with your hand not your mind. Sight Unseen combines the blindfolded drawings you may have tried at school with “plein air” drawing, outside on custom-made drawing tables.  What will your drawing look like when you let it go? Joining this project is a chance for those who quit drawing after primary school to pick up a pencil again without fear, and for those who still draw (or are still in primary school!) to see where their hands go without supervision.  The results will certainly surprise you!

MILF Camp!
Vivian and Susan are two yummy mummies, showing the world that being a MILF is about more than babies, binkies, and brunch! Their live on stage Booty Camp is a whirlwind of fast paced wit, absurd exercises, a step by step guide to the perfect Instagram selfie, 80’s aerobic choreography, and a healthy dose of nudity.

MILF Camp! We’re going to be dropping more truth bombs than Aunty Rita after a few too many white wines at Chrissy!

Deciduous Waltz
Deciduous Waltz is a playful duet. With glimpses of period costumes, China tea cups and snatches of crackly gramophone music. Centred in the city of circles, we circle the absurd and trip up the tricky terrain.

Pedal Power Karaoke
Being a karaoke star is hard work. At least for the person sweating away on a stationary bike while you steal all the glory. Or maybe peddling is your glory. Either way, you’re gonna love this!


The Brathaus
Loose Gourmet Churros
Canberra Magic Kitchen
The Mandalay Bus

+ more to be announced soon!



  • Carrell Hambrick, 2016, Of the world as we know it, installation, EL wire and steel