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Future Ride

  • LOCATION: Meet at The Festival Hub : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: Canberra Bike Party
  • WHEN: 7pm to 8:30pm
    5 April 2017


The Future Ride is brought to you by Canberra Bike Party – a bunch of bicycle-loving, outdoor dance party enthusiasts. With their huge cargo bike that carries a stereo, DJ, sound system, lights and lasers, the crew will lead a merry ride straight after the festival launch to a sweet dance party at the amphitheatre in Commonwealth Park. Dress up with your best interpretation of a future where the bicycle is king. We guarantee there will be cyborgs, post-apocalyptic freaks and robots. Or just bring your helmets, lights and all your friends on their bikes.


Canberra Bike Party knows that our town is the world’s best city filled with awesome people who love a party. We’ve also got wide open spaces with magnificent backdrops in easy-to-reach places. At night there’s no-one there. Let’s have a party!! But how to get the gear there? Driving sucks but DJ gear is heavy stuff. Wheeled transport is the solution but the platform was missing – cue the inspiration behind Canberra Bike Party. We’ve built a huge bike that carries all our stuff. We’re talking generator, lighting, smoke machine and of course – a DJ and their gear. There’s just one thing missing – you.