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  • LOCATION: Haig Park : Corner of Lonsdale St and Girrahween St
  • ARTIST/S: Distaffic Collective
  • WHEN: 8pm to 9pm
    7 April 2017


Inhabit Haig Park with us, engaging with its capacity to prompt fear and loathing as well as love and peace. Come on a sensory journey of destruction and redemption, with pockets of joy and avenues of fear. In the spirit of situationist art, we will invoke festivity and fantasy as ritualised reconciliation with an an exclusive past and (re)imaginings of a just and inclusive future. Drawing on memories of its 90 year history as a windbreak and now underused public space, we ask: what it would mean to reclaim this space? Dance/Poetry/Experimental music/Installation/Physical theatre/Witchcraft.

Artist Bio

Distaffic Collective: We are a loose evolving collective of movers, makers and thinkers: dancers, acrobats, musicians, improvisers and citizens.  Inspired by theory, intuition, community, our minds, hearts and bodies, the rhythms of daily life, the friction of being consumer and citizen, and global struggles for justice and voice, we aim to make  deeply connected and collaboratively created ensemble work. Through site specific responses to public spaces, we explore issues of safe passage, belonging and ownership.

  • Image: White Forest, Martin Paull