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  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: S.A. Adair
  • WHEN: 5 April 2017 - 9 April 2017


Locus is an ephemeral installation, responding to and merging with a disused space in Canberra’s CBD. It explores the notion that change and development can arise out of neglect and disuse – creating possibilities that may not happen otherwise. The outcome however remains uncertain as change is fleeting and unpredictable. By exploring the nature of transition through deterioration Locus forms an alternative world – growing, intertwining, and spreading across a vacant surface, enveloping the empty space. In this way, a neglected and disused space can be reinvented and given new life and purpose.

About the Artist

S.A.Adair works across disciplines, incorporating sculpture, installation, printmaking and drawing in her practice. Through explorations of deconstruction, elimination and reconstruction of material and form, Adair draws on processes of abstraction to create organic constructs that hint at the human matrix and experience. Adair’s forms and ideas are generated through experimentation – chance and errors have an integral part to play in the development of the work. Adair studied at both COFA and the ANU School of Art, completing Honours in sculpture in 2010. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions locally and interstate including Sculpture by the Sea and Strand Ephemera in Townsville. Adair has received several grants and awards including the Australia Council Artstart Grant, The Goulburn Art Prize, the North Sydney Art Prize Emerging Artist Award and CAPO’s National Press Club Award.

  • Photo: S.A. Adair