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Opening Night

  • LOCATION: The Record Store (Opposite King O'Malley's, Civic)
  • WHEN: 6pm to 11pm
    18 March 2015

In our busy hectic lives wouldn’t it be easier to see all your art in one night? Opening Night is the opening night for everything you have ever wanted to see, all at once, all within easy walking distance. Encompassing visual art, performance, theatre, dance and music, Opening Night wants you to explore the city and discover art wherever you find yourself. Meet at The Record Store at 6.00pm, get your program and start opening all of the art.

As part of Opening Night:

East Row Museum – opening event

Women of Canberra

Words: Art, Text and Digital Spaces – opening event

Intimate Sound Immersion

Zak and Reefa’s Bollywood Funeral

Rainbow Helter Skelter

Classical Pop-Up

Work It

In the Tree, Part of the Tree?


82 Laps

No Signal: 10 Years of hellosQuare – Live