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  • LOCATION: Haig Park : Corner of Lonsdale St and Girrahween St
  • ARTIST/S: Benjamin Drury
  • WHEN: 6pm to 10pm
    7 April 2017


Ostracod are a free improvisation group made from members of the Canberra Experimental Musical Studio. The band consists of Ben Harb: oud and synthesizers, Millie Watson: piano and electronics and Benjamin Drury: double bass and electronics. For this event the musicians will surround and perform to an audience situated inside a tent. Ostracod will improvise musical ideas, sounds and textures creating an environment in which any sound can be musical and music is all sounds and in which anything is possible.


Ostracod is a free improvisation group formed in 2015 from members of the Canberra Experimental Music Studio. The members wanted a chance to perform in a smaller ensemble setting and to experiment with site specific recordings and different acoustic spaces. The group have worked together on a few projects and performances including performances at Gorgeous Mortar, the ANU School of Music and in carparks. The group have also recently begun recording an album of free improvisations in various locations around Canberra. The band is Ben Harb: oud and synthesizer, Millie Watson: Piano and Electronics and Benjamin Drury: double bass and electronics.

  • Photo: Charles Martin