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Roll for Intelligence: Canberra Celebrity Dungeon Crawling!

  • LOCATION: Civic Pub : Braddon
  • ARTIST/S: Multiple
  • WHEN: 7pm to 8pm
    7 April 2017


Storm clouds gather, Canberra is beset by strange occurrences. Heat waves, hordes of hoons in cars, and the curious case of the King’s Missing Spine!
Only a plucky band of actors, comedians and entertainers can save the day! With naught but their wit and a D20, watch Joel, Andrew, Helen and Codie face the challenges of Joshua, Master of Dungeons. Their journey into darkness will be charted with live drawing by Arran McKenna, and accompanied by bard Jack Collins and his improvised analogue synth.

This event is 18+

Artist Bio

Andrew Galan is an internationally published poet and co-producer of Australia’s renowned poetry slam BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!. His poetry is imagination and reality meeting, sometimes to eat, sometimes to fight.

Helen Luan, Science communicator by day, nerd culture aficionado and role playing connoisseur by mid-evening.

Joel Barcham is a Canberra based writer/performer/emcee/clown/mall Santa/pretend scientist. Joel makes what could generously be called a living by playing dress ups, walking around on stilts, and yelling other people’s names loudly into microphones in pubs.

Riley Bell is an actor and comedian who has performed to sold out shows at the Canberra and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals. He can be seen soon in Supa Productions Avenue Q.

Sharona Lin is a writer by day and also a writer by night. She is the editor of, and watches more TV that you do.

Arran McKenna is a Canberra based illustrator who has been drawing silly pictures since he had the ability to hold a pencil. His work ranges from ‘Awww’ to ‘Ewww.’

Joshua Bell is a poet, nerd, and long-time performer in the Canberra theatre scene. His particular interest is experimental and improvised theatre. He is merciless with D&D players whom roll a 0.

Image: Fiona McLeod

  • Image: Fiona McLeod