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Sight Unseen

  • LOCATION: Garema Place
  • WHEN: 12pm to 2pm
    5 April 2017


Don’t look! Just draw! Observe the Canberra you usually pass by with a different eye. Record what you see with your hand not your mind. Sight Unseen combines the blindfolded drawings you may have tried at school with “plein air” drawing, outside on custom-made drawing tables.  What will your drawing look like when you let it go? Joining this project is a chance for those who quit drawing after primary school to pick up a pencil again without fear, and for those who still draw (or are still in primary school!) to see where their hands go without supervision.  The results will certainly surprise you!


Elly Kent is a visual artist, writer, researcher and translator. Born in country Victoria, she spent much of her childhood and adulthood living and travelling in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Elly moved to Canberra to study Visual Arts and Asian Studies many years ago, and keeps coming back. Unsurprisingly, in her artwork Elly is interested in exploring ideas around language, migration and ‘in-between-ness’, especially through projects that involve people in making. She has exhibited and held projects in cities across Australia and Indonesia, and recently undertook her PhD at the Australian National University School of Art.


  • Photo: Elly Kent