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Sounding / Working Papers

  • LOCATION: King George Terrace
  • ARTIST/S: Caren Florance, Reuben Ingall, Angela Gardner
  • WHEN: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
    8 April 2017


Reading Spaces/Working Papers is a unique performative sound translation of a printed work from the Reading Spaces exhibition, specially presented for YAH.

Reading Spaces is a temporary ‘reading room’ of creative publishing outcomes, presenting various art/craft/design collaborations between Caren Florance and a number of poets and artists. Each collaboration yields active poetic text that transforms itself materially through iteration, experimentation and storytelling. The reader (that’s you!) is a vital contributor to the life of this exhibition: we have done our work, and now it is in your hands.


Caren Florance is a textual artist/designer/craftsperson who works reactively to other people’s words and ideas. She has shown work predominantly in visual arts venues, but her work is collected mainly by libraries. Within this exhibition she has played with Angela Gardner, Melinda Smith, Owen Bullock, Sarah Rice, and a number of other local and international poets. All of these artists are fabulous and successful in their own right. This exhibition is the culmination of years of PhD research, so both the University of Canberra and the Federal Government need to be thanked and acknowledged for their generous support.