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Stealing Stories

  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave
  • ARTIST/S: Emma Kelly
  • WHEN: 8pm to 9pm
    6 April 2017


“Upon discovering our convict ancestry, my Nan seemed quite pleased that the crime bringing us to Australia was the theft of a book. My Mum had a cheeky tendency in her thirties to tear pictures of her favourite paintings out of art books in local libraries, and stick them next to her painting easel for inspiration. She gleefully claimed that genetics were the culprit of the theft, not herself.

Within that small recollection from my mother and grandmother, I started to wonder – how does the fog of memory change a story?”

Stealing Stories is a collection plundered from the women of Emma Kelly’s past and present. Stories from different times and places. Stories of love, stories of Canberra, stories of the everyday, the familiar and the unexpected.

Happy Axe records memories as clearly as they can exist in this moment. Come and share in the stories of her kinswomen, woven with a fog of saw, violin and spoken word.


Haunting the fringes between electro-minimalism and pastoral indie, Happy Axe uses violin, musical saw and vocals to create layers of sound that are beautiful, unsettling and cinematic.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Music with Honours from the Australian National University, Emma has performed at major festivals across Australia, including the Woodford Folk Festival and Groovin the Moo, attended the 2015 New York City Musical Saw Festival as the guest of honour, and was nominated for best live instrumentalist in the National Live Music Awards last year, after completing a European Tour.  

  • Photo: Konrad Lenz