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The Sublimation Project

  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave
  • ARTIST/S: Daniel Savage
  • WHEN: 2pm to 4pm
    9 April 2017


The Sublimation Project sees five artists translating individual works and performances from the festival into a different medium. Paintings into music, poems into dance, or performance into sculpture. It investigates how medium shapes audience interpretations, and how art and performance can be expanded to enable access for audiences with various abilities.

The participating artists, rather than creating direct copies of the selected works, will be exploring how concepts, idea and meaning take on different forms across mediums. Can words every truly instil the experience of an image?

The Sublimation Project will culminate in a public discussion on the virtues, pitfalls, and contemporary modes of making artistic endeavours accessible to diverse audiences.


Daniel Savage is a Canberra based artists interested in how individuals, audiences perceive artwork, each other, and the world we inhabit.

This project marks his first foray into curatorship and reflects both his own practice and his passion for increasing accessibility to the artists for audiences with diverse abilities.

  • Photo: Daniel Savage