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  • LOCATION: Locations TBA
  • ARTIST/S: Hemisphere Collective
  • WHEN: 5 April 2017 - 9 April 2017


A soft spot. Within the confined space left between structures.

An abandoned remnant of hybrid nature, a key.

Bodies morph and fuse to bridge adjoining realities.

Unencountered memories, things that might have been.

Tension manifests inertia.

Do you exist here? Or do you merely observe?

Through the Veil see a glimpse of universal interactions that reflect on the turning points in one’s existence. Feel the emotion and residual energies, invisible but tangible within this place. Have you ever wondered about the consequences of your decisions, and the lost potential of the alternatives?


Hemisphere Collective encompasses the collaborative works of Melbournian visual artists Candice Hopkins and Nick Heynsbergh. As lifelong friends, Candice and Nick have supported each other through their own individual practices and felt a strong desire to create work as a united venture. Originating as a reactive project to help stimulate creativity and artistic practice, the recurring motif of ‘the portal’ emerged as a symbol of a gateway to other worlds or experiences. Hemisphere focusses on the underlying, the unseen and the transformative. This collective aims to bring to light our relationships with each other, our sexuality, our spiritual experiences and connection to the universe.


Image: Candice Hopkins & Nick Heynsbergh