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Women of Canberra

  • LOCATION: The Record Store (Opposite King O'Malley's, Civic)
  • WHEN: 6pm to 8pm
    18 March 2015

Inspired by Humans of New York, the Women’s Centre for Health Matters (WCHM) presents an online photographic documentary project that sets out to produce a series of powerful photographs showcasing the diversity of women in Canberra accompanied by snippets of their stories.

We want to delve into the joys, hopes and fears of women from all walks of life in our community and, at the same time, confront existing stereotypes of Canberra women. The stories told by policy, statistics and media give the impression that women in Canberra are a homogenous group – highly educated, economically empowered and out-performing their competition
in other states and territories on many indicators. However, WCHM knows from our community engagement work that women in Canberra are actually a culturally and socioeconomically diverse group, with struggles and aspirations that aren’t captured by mainstream narratives.

Women of Canberra come tell your story in words and image. Let’s shake up the existing stories!

Find Women Of Canberra portraits and interviews here.