27 Sep 2020


A Body Full Of Tears

By Sia Ahmad

Haig Park, Braddon ACT, Australia.


A Body Full Of Tears is a new album by Sia Ahmad. Responding to impulses first felt during the summer bushfire season and exploring these throughout our year of isolation Twenty-Twenty, she turns uncertainty and emptiness into an expressive tapestry of personal resolve.

A Body Full Of Tears is due for release in early November. But first, we invite you share a first listen with us, explore some creative responses to the album and share your own reaction with Sia.

Special One-Off Playback Session – 3pm, Sunday 27th September in Haig Park.
Bring a blanket, bring a lil snack, meet us at the bike path near the top of Lonsdale Street, and we’ll walk to a hushed spot in the park. Make yourself comfy, settle in, and listen to the album from start to finish on the solar powered Sound Bike (kindly provided by Communi-Fi Sound). In keeping with the theme of reaction, we invite all listeners to make a list of words they associate with the album during playback and share this with us after the event.

Poetry by Zhi | Films by Hannah
These reactions from Sia’s fellow Cahoots 2019 artists take the music and words of A Body Full Of Tears, distill their own personal takes, and set them free out into the world.
We will publish expanded poetry by Zhi Yi Cham and a curated list of film companions by Hannah de Feyter. Look out for poetry postcards at our Cahoots Lab events, and online content showing up on our Collections page.

Mixtapes by Sia
These mixtapes will showcase Sia’s musical collaborators and album inspiration. Find them on our Collections page!

A little background…
Sia Ahmad participated in Cahoots in 2019, where she deep dived into what it means to be a creative being. There were deep interrogations into being an inactive artist, the balance/struggle between family life vs practice and the feeling of having nothing left to say through a creative voice. The process was cathartic and emotional but born from this was a newfound sense of relief and remembrance of creating in a reactionary way, without the stress of a career or catalogue. A Body Full Of Tears is, in many ways, a response to this interrogation, as well as where she finds herself in 2020.