1 May 2022

Good Company

Emotional Repair Cafe


Emotional Repair Café is a full day creative experience that invites you to take some time and space out of the chaos of living through a global pandemic. You will have the opportunity to rest and physically process some of the change, loss and uncertainty of the last two years through engaging in gentle textile practices that connect you to your body and your emotional experience.

Sunday 1st May, 9:30am-5pm
The Gathering Place, 4 Bancroft Street, Dickson
Registrations are now full. The waitlist will be contacted if places become available!

Making meaning while you make!

Bring along a piece of textile that is meaningful to you but no longer functional – a threadbare sheet, an old shirt, a favourite dress that is much loved but no longer fits. Throughout the day, you will be taken through a process of deconstructing this object and transforming it into a small vessel using twining and stitching techniques.

This shared experience of the simple process of creation and transformation creates a meditative space to just be, and to sit with what comes up. The simple processes and the personal meaningfulness of the materials helps to facilitate this. The physical process of deconstruction and creation helps to create a container to be present with yourself and others in the space.

Emotional Repair Cafe is Facilitated by Canberra based artist Michele Grimston, with assistance from artists Kiran Grewal and Sally Holliday.

No. The techniques involved have been chosen for their simplicity and adaptability. You will be able to engage with the process whether you are a complete beginner or have years of experience.

This experience is open to anybody who wants to take some time for restoration and reflection, however the process may bring up feelings or reflections that are uncomfortable or difficult. 

Acknowledging this is fundamentally a creative rather than therapeutic activity, this experience is not recommended for people who may be in active mental distress and are not being supported in other ways to manage their mental health.  The techniques involved involve some fine movement in the hands and fingers but can be simplified or adapted to some degree. 

If you have a medical condition which affects movement in the hands or wrists (for example arthritis, RSI or tendonitis) we encourage you to contact Michele on 0403 929 739 or michele.grimston@gmail.com to discuss whether these processes will be suitable for you.

Places in this experience are limited to 20 and we may not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to be a part of it.  EOIs will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and we will confirm your participation within 48 hours of receiving your application.  If places are full, you will be added to a waiting list, and will be notified if any space opens up.

In very rare circumstances, the artists may decline an EOI even if there is place are available, if the EOI raises concerns that the participant is struggling to manage their mental health in a way that exceeds the artists capacity to safely support the participant through this experience.  In these circumstances we may communicate with the participant to see if there are additional supports that can be provided to facilitate participation.

No there will be some opportunity to share if you want to, but what comes up for you during the day may be very personal and there will never be any pressure to talk about your experience if you don’t want to. 

The full day event is centred around the experience of being able to connect deeply with self and others through craft practice, with the full day time frame allowing time to really relax and be present in this experience. 

The practical making elements will be supported by gentle ritual and structure to assist people to connect with this process.

There is a section in the application form to communicate anything you might need to make this the best experience possible for you.  The main entrance to the building has 6 steps to climb with a handrail for support. Alternative access is available via a ramp but it is easiest to facilitate this for you if we know you require it in advance. We can also arrange translators, interpreters or other supports if required and we want to make the experience as comfortable for you as we can.  You can also contact Michele on 0403 929 739 or michele.grimston@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss your access requirements at any time before the event.

Wear clothes that will keep you warm and comfortable for the day.  There will be some opportunity to work outside as well so you may like to bring a cosy jacket.

Bring you lunch – there is a fridge and microwave on site that you will be able to access.  Or if you prefer, you can purchase your lunch from one of the many Dickson Cafes just a few minutes up the road.

Bring a textile object that is meaningful to you.  This could be a favourite piece of clothing that you no longer wear, an old sheet that you have slept on for many years, something that someone else has gifted you.  Keep in mind that we will be tearing or cutting this item up into small pieces to transform it – so it should be something that you are ready to let go of in its current form.


Registrations have now closed. The wait list will be contacted if a place becomes available.

Part of Good Company, supported by You Are Here and the ACT Government through the Creative Recovery and Resilience Program.

emotional repair cafe