21 Nov 2020


Lit Windows

46 Froggatt Street, Turner ACT, Australia.


For one night only, in every glowing window of a normal suburban house in Turner, there will be art.

Lit Windows is a multi-disciplinary art experience about the thrill of looking in from the outside after having been stuck at home for weeks. Audiences will wander around the garden and through the backyard exploring multiple artworks displayed through the lit up windows of the house: a dutiful ghost drifting through the kitchen, a tiny cathedral in the laundry, a bedroom window full of memories, exuberant animations across the living room windows, a mysterious frozen depository in the garage, and a poem in the form of a soup to be spied through a window ajar.

Directed by Cathy Petőcz, the Lit Windows artists include Cahoots alumni visual artist Nicci Haynes, poet Zhi Yi Cham, and filmmaker Hannah de Feyter as well as stage designer Imogen Keen, visual artist Nyx Mathews, and filmmaker Farnoush Parsiavashi. A continuation of this year’s Cahoots Lab, Lit Windows features a collection of brand new work which playfully experiments with form, continuing explorations of themes, textures and materials present throughout the artists individual bodies of work.

Lit Windows is an art event to collectively witness, imagine, and discuss the period of quarantine we have experienced and may continue to experience. Audiences are encouraged to maintain a respectful distance from each other—and masks are welcome—so we can continue to care for our community.