Good Company

Program complete

Good Company offered artists $5000 to spend on producing an in-person arts event, in partnership with a local business. 12 grants of $5000 were available from 4 funding rounds and events took place from January-April 2022.

Good Company was a pilot project of the ACT Government’s Creative Recovery and Resilience Program.

About Good Company

Good Company offers artists $5000 to spend on producing an in-person arts event, including artist fees, production costs, access and inclusion resources, marketing and venue hire.

We know artists have had it extra-rough throughout COVID times, and many businesses continue to experience serious loss. So, we want you to partner with a local business to present your live event to your community. Poetry, music, talks, interactive art, workshops, performance…. whatever it is, your event will bring people together in real life to experience it, in partnership with a Canberra-based business.

There are 12 grants of $5K available through Good Company. We will open four application rounds throughout October-January. Three artists will be selected in each round. Events will take place from January-April 2022.

While this program is largely focused on the quick distribution of funding to artists, we also aim to create processes which enrich the artists practice, support learning and professional development, encourage artists approach new collaborations with confidence, ease the possible anxiety and issues surrounding working with a new venue, and allow for the artist’s concept to evolve as they work on their project.

Program goals

  • Put money into the pockets of artists and arts workers
  • Support arts events to happen in the ACT
  • Foster creative relationships between artists and businesses
  • Bring people and activity back into businesses that continue to be affected by COVID

What support is offered through good company?

  • $5000.00 to spend on artist fees, production costs, access and inclusion resources, marketing and venue hire. 
  • Two meetings with an experienced producer to help you with your application.
  • Successful applicants will have at least two meetings with the YAH producer hive-mind to get started on production of their event.
  • All live events will be marketed by YAH, and we will provide you with help to run your own mini marketing campaign as well.
  • YAH producers will guide you through every step of the process, from application and production, to documentation, evaluation and acquittal.
  • We have financial resources set aside to meet your access requirements through the whole process from application to delivery of events.
RoundApplications Open
Round 1 – for events in January25 Oct -15 Nov
Round 2 – for events in February22 Nov – 13 Dec
Round 3 – for events in March20 Dec – 17 Jan
Round 4 – for events in April 24 Jan – 14 Feb

Who can apply?

  1. Canberra artists, working in absolutely any form, who have an idea for a live event. Refer to the eligibility criteria for more info.
  2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, artists who identify as having a disability, who are d/Deaf, identify as being culturally and linguistically diverse, or who are LGBTIQA+, and/or who are under 25 are particularly encouraged to apply! 

What kind of events does good company support?

  • In-person arts events.
  • Events that specifically respond to a particular Canberra business and its value to the local community.
  • Events that contribute to the recovery and resilience of the arts and broader community. 
  • Events that are moving, fun, considered, beautiful, serious, silly, deep, smart, rebellious, brave, ridiculous, joyful, tried and true or totally new. Whatever it is, it should reflect you and the business you are partnering with. We love bold ideas.

Which businesses can I partner with?

  • There is no limit on the kind of business you can partner with. 
  • The business can be based anywhere in the ACT! Events could happen anywhere from Gunghalin to Tharwa and everywhere in between.

Are there any restrictions? 

  • You may be an artist working in any form, at any stage of your career.
  • You must reside in the ACT, or demonstrate that your practice is based in Canberra (refer to this definition here). If you are an Aboriginal person that is a traditional custodian to Ngunnawal Country, you are eligible to apply regardless of your residential address.
  • You must hold Australian citizenship, permanent resident status, New Zealand Special Category visa or on a temporary Australian visa which expires no less than two years from the date of application.
  • You must be an individual or group, not an organisation. Groups must demonstrate all their members have a Canberra based practice.
  • You must partner with a business that is not receiving other funding through artsACT, including Amp It Up funding.
  • Individuals/groups must have or be able to obtain public liability insurance.
  • You cannot apply for the same project that you have secured Arts Activities Funding for. 

You cannot apply for activities that are:

  • associated with a course of study or form a part of any assessment at an educational or training institution, including a degree, certificate or PhD course.
  • for or by any government directorates, departments, authorities or agencies
  • awards and competition prizes
  • undertaken by a school, involving school children during school hours and/or activities that are a part of the school curriculum, or a part of a before or after school-based care program
  • retrospective activities where funding is sought for an activity that has already occurred
  • fundraising for any cause or charity
  • any building works, including minor repairs, maintenance, relocation or refurbishment activities
  • purchase of any office furniture or equipment
  • purchase of computer hardware and/or software for general administration, promotional or communication purposes. 
  • purchase of alcohol
  • the development, making or installation of permanent public artwork.
  • You cannot apply for a project that is already receiving funding from the ACT Government including Arts Activities Funding and Amp It Up funding.

Assessment process

YAH will convene an assessment panel to undertake assessment processes, including 1 YAH producer and two industry peers. YAH will select different industry peers of diverse backgrounds and experiences for each monthly assessment process. artsACT will give final approval on the assessment panel’s recommendation.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within 1 week of the closing date for that round.

Applications will be assessed according to the following selection criteria.

  • Does the artist/group reside in the ACT?
  • Are they an individual or group, not an organisation?
  • Does the project have a realistic timeline?
  • Does the budget feature appropriate lines for artist fees, production, accessibility and inclusion, documentation?
  • Will the funding have a measurable positive impact on the artist/groups’ practice?
  • Will the funding have a measurable positive impact on their business partner?
  • Will the practice of delivering the event contribute to building the capacity of the applicant?
  • Is the idea timely, well considered, exciting, artistically rigorous? 
  • Will the event have a measurable positive social impact, ie, does it contribute to the wellbeing, recovery, and resilience of the local community?
  • Does the event concept have relevance to the business partner?
  • Has the artist clearly articulated their audience?
  • Has the artist clearly articulated access and inclusion principles?
  • We will also take geographic spread of events and diversity of applicants into account when assessing applications.

Why do I have to partner with a business to present my event? Can I run an event without the business partnership, like in a park or other outdoor area?

This program is specifically designed to promote collaboration across the arts and business sectors. You do need to partner with a business. However, if there is some outdoor space near the business that you want to utilise, and you can provide a strong argument for how the event will support the business, we will consider it.

Why do I have to meet with a You Are Here producer before I apply?

This is one way that we are aiming to support all the artists who apply, not just the ones who receive funding. We hope that the experience will improve your overall ability to apply for funding in the future, not just for this program. If you have never worked with a producer before, it will help you understand what a producer does and how they might be helpful to your practice.

Do I need to approach the business before I apply? 

We recommend approaching the business AFTER your meeting with the YAH producer, but before you submit your application. Our producers are super experienced in how to set up a collaboration well from the get-go, making sure communication is clear and open. Of course, if you already know the business owner, you are welcome to chat to them ahead of your meeting with the producer.

How should I approach the business owner if I don’t know them?

Business owners are usually pretty busy people! Having a clear plan, a well articulated idea, some notes on how you think this partnership might work, and some ideas about what the positive impact of your event will be is a good start. If you are approaching someone you don’t know, you can have a chat to the producer about how to engage with them in your meeting with the YAH producer.

What kinds of things can I spend the grant on?

Artist fees, production costs, access and inclusion resources, marketing and venue hire, and anything else you think you might need for the event! Take a look at the example budget to make sure you’re on track. You can’t spend the money on alcohol, but other kinds of catering are ok. Refer to the list in the Eligibility Criteria for the full list of no-no’s!

Can I apply as a group?

Yes! It’s best to have one person as a main contact for the project, but you can apply as a group or with collaborators. Organisations are not eligible to apply.

I am a business owner. Can I apply to run an event at my business?

No, we will only accept applications from artists. HOWEVER, if you are excited by the idea of this program, get in touch with us! We might be able to link you up with an artist, and even if nothing happens straight away, YAH is always looking for businesses who are open to collaboration.

Will this program run again in the future?

Good Company is part of the Creative Recovery and Resilience Program, delivered by artsACT. All the projects in the CRRP are one-offs.

What happens if I get the grant, but a snap lockdown or increased COVID restrictions come into play when the event is scheduled to happen?

We will work with you to reschedule your event to a time that works for you and for public safety!