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Welcome to You Are Here 2015!

March 4, 2015

We are five years old this year and almost can’t believe it. If you know YAH, you’ll notice that we have made one significant change, the festival is shorter this year. We made this decision for a number of reasons, but mostly because we wanted to be able to dedicate more time and support to our artists.

We believe YAH is a rare space in which artists truly get to experiment with new ideas and take risks with their work. Providing opportunities for artists to take risks, challenge themselves, collaborate, and blur boundaries between art forms has always been at the centre of YAH and in 2015 we wanted to push this even further. As producers our aim was to provide more curatorial support, advice and assistance than ever before across all events. One place you’ll see this is in our partnership with first timers Noted Festival, an experimental writers festival the likes of which Canberra has never seen before.

But what does this mean for you, our unreasonably good-looking audience? Consider it this way, we’ve still got 5 full days of theatre, dance, visual art, music, performance, spoken word and everything else that can’t be so easily classified. The same mix of strange, thoughtful, playful and bizarre events as ever. So pull on your norm-core sneakers, tie those laces tight and get ready for a really great festival. Less days, just as many events, and no reason not to see everything.

Vanessa, Nick, Adelaide and Andrew