You Are Here is a Canberra based, independent arts organisation dedicated to supporting artists in developing their practice and fostering critical community. 

Our purpose

Foster artists to emerge, express and evolve.

Deeply embedded within the community, You Are Here aims to nurture the development of Canberra artists. You Are Here is constantly becoming; never finished or polished; rather open and alive to the possibilities present in failure. 

Our organisation is producer and artist-led. We believe in tangible support for artists, and inclusivity and accessibility for artists and audiences. We believe in opening out and challenging the definition of art, and blurring boundaries between art forms. We keep barriers to entry low with collaborative and engaging experiences for artists and audiences. 

What we do

We’re more than a festival;
We are:

An artist and producer development program

That means that we help Canberra artists to develop their artistic practice, skills, relationships, values, audiences and opportunities. We work with artists from all artforms who are engaged with some form of experimentation. We also work with emerging creative producers, and train them in You Are Here’s unique model of producer engagement.

An artist’s residency

Our core activity is an 8-month program called Cahoots. We select a diverse group of Canberra artists and/or producers (8 per year), and create a bespoke development experience for each of them. We identify a way to measure the development of their practice in a way that makes sense for them, and then we work alongside them to make sure that development happens. Cahoots artists are selected through an open public callout at the start of each year.

A critical community of artists

Canberra artists have told us the thing they want the most is to be part of an artistic community that is supportive, critically engaged, and intellectually rigorous. A place where their own artistic practice is forced to develop against a high standard, where they feel safe to experiment and take creative risks. Cahoots aims to model this kind of environment on a small scale, so that it can be ultimately achieved in the Canberra arts community as a whole.

A value-driven organisation

You Are Here has a strong set of guiding principles that drives what we do, what we won’t do and where to focus our efforts. These are driven by our primary values – accessibility and inclusion for artists and audiences, relationship-building as the core of best practice, and experimentation as an essential societal and artistic need. Any working model we create for artists and audiences is based around these values.

An arts and events presenter

The secondary activity of You Are Here is to connect experimental artists with audiences. We produce an annual season of arts events that represent the shared ideas and values of our Cahoots artists and the creative communities that they are a part of. Cahoots Lab takes place over the last three weekends of September. We exclusively present work that is in development by Cahoots artists and their collaborators.

A peak body for experimental and innovative arts in the ACT

Across ten years of operation we have developed unique expertise in the areas of artistic production and innovation, across all artforms. Our models for connecting general and specific audiences to innovative and exciting arts activity are the equal of any in Australia. Our staff and board are experts in the many nuanced details and mechanics that make up high quality arts production.

Who we are

Our organisation is producer and artist-led.


Managing Producer Ketura Budd
Creative Producers Nick Delatovic, Julia Boyd, Zora Pang
Marketing Coordinator Julia Boyd


President: Vanessa Wright
Vice President: Rochelle Whyte 
Secretary: Morgan Little
Treasurer: Deb Cleland
Board Members: Joanne Lisinski, Lavanna Neal, Maarten Vlot, Jess Semler, Alice Fleming

You Are Here is supported by the ACT Government through artsACT