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You Are Here @ Canberra Day

March 8, 2015

You Are Here will be sharing the love this Canberra Day Monday 9 March, with some special events, getting you primed for when the festival kicks off in a week! All events are part of Canberra Day 2015 on the Patrick White Lawns.

Canberra Day Confessional

When: 2.00–7.00pm

How is your Canberra Day going? How is your life going? Leave your thoughts, ideas, desires, memories, dreams, hopes, reflections, speculations, understandings, opinions, ideas, contemplations, anticipations, mediations, deductions, truths, introspections, intuitions, studies, judgments, apprehensions, observations, celebrations, insights, musings, meditations, rationalisations, perceptions, deliberations, inferences, considerations, realisations, reasonings, ruminations and theories with the Official Canberra Day Confessional.
Artists:  Paul Heslin


Women of Canberra

When: 2.00–7.00pm

Inspired by Humans of New York, the Women’s Centre for Health Matters (WCHM) presents an online photographic documentary project that sets out to produce a series of powerful photographs showcasing the diversity of women in Canberra accompanied by snippets of their stories.

We want to delve into the joys, hopes and fears of women from all walks of life in our community and, at the same time, confront existing stereotypes of Canberra women. The stories told by policy, statistics and media give the impression that women in Canberra are a homogenous group – highly educated, economically empowered and out-performing their competition in other states and territories on many indicators. However, WCHM knows from our community engagement work that women in Canberra are actually a culturally and socioeconomically diverse group, with struggles and aspirations that aren’t captured by mainstream narratives.

Women of Canberra come tell your story in words and image. Let’s shake up the existing stories!

About the artists

For this project WCHM is collaborating with four emerging woman volunteer photographers. This is part of our commitment to support and develop the capacity of local women to have a voice in public conversations.

The Women’s Centre for Health Matters Inc. is a community-based not for profit organisation working in the ACT and surrounding region to improve women’s health and wellbeing. We do this in a variety of ways including: Health Promotion, Social Research, Community Development, Capacity Building, Information Provision and Education and Advocacy. 


Ten Minute Dance Party

When: 4.00–7.00pm

Studies have shown that the average Canberran loves to party, but is time poor. Luckily, science has devised the perfect solution – the Ten Minute Dance Party. Enter You Are Here’s micro-nightclub and go from 0 to 100, because there ain’t no time for a warm-up!

Artists:  Curated by Danny Wild

Get amongst it!