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Artist Spotlight: Pablo Latona

April 15, 2016

Meet Pablo Latona, the artist behind Dangerous Territory commission Project VirtualEyes [Phase 2: human trials]. It’s all very top secret, but we managed to corner Pablo to find out more:


Hi Pablo, tell us a bit about yourself and your practice:

Over my unlustrious career I’ve been called these things: Clown; director; circus performer; physical theatre performer; funsmith; magician; scientist; concept artist; director of whimsy; and “purveyor of odd happenings”.

But that’s a mouthful. So my business cards just say “Pablo. Bad at tax. Licks dogs.” (It was supposed to say “likes” not “licks” but I got 2,000 printed so I use them anyway).


What inspired you to create Project VirtualEyes?

I’ve had a glimpse into the things that people will see if they sign up for Project VirtualEyes. I wanted to share it around.


What is Hypercept LLC?

They’re the company behind VirtualEyes. I think. I’m not really sure. If you find out, let me know. They’re bad at answering faxes.


We know it’s all very Top Secret, but what can audiences expect from the work?

Even I don’t know what to expect. So I can’t tell them what to expect. But I can tell them what to hope for. They can hope to have their senses tweaked.


In the event description, audiences are told to “escape into reality”… what’s the best thing about reality, and why would we want to escape into it?

The best thing about reality is how subjective it is, and how objective it feels. What a grand and wonderful joke! (Oh and we can’t escape into it. That’s just a catchy slogan that makes no sense. Don’t tell them I said that).


Project VirtualEyes is part of YAH’s Dangerous Territory stream of commissioned events, what’s your experience presenting work in non-traditional spaces?

I did a week-long live-in performance in an empty shopfront once. That was weird and fun. Someone planted a tiny garden in a crack in the pavement outside my window, to make me feel more at home.


What do you hope audiences will take away from the show?

A better idea of what it was all about.


Tell us a fun fact – about anything!

It’s not possible to cut a pear exactly in half. If you dip an icey pole in finely ground pepper it won’t melt. And small dogs are just cats dressed up in dog suits trying to experience unconditional love.


What YAH 2016 events are you most looking forward to seeing?

All of them! But particularly Dogchat. But all of them.