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YAH17: From the Producers

March 12, 2017

Canberra! What an extraordinary twelve months it has been at home and abroad. We cannot believe it’s already time for the next installment of this fabulous festival!

Despite what may be happening around the world, our city continues to change and grow in exciting ways. You Are Here remains a great piece of the Canberra puzzle, tinkering and toying with how we live in our city, instigating conversations, and provoking with the playful.

As usual, we’re bringing together an awesome collection of artists and arts projects – working across and in between artforms, platforms and locations exploring environment, gender, land, belonging and connectivity.

We’re occupying familiar haunts and popping up in some places we think need a little more love. Our Festival Hub is once again in the old North Bar, at 46 Northbourne Avenue in the Sydney Building, and you’ll find us at iconic Canberra venues such as The Phoenix and Gorman Arts Centre. We’re venturing into Haig Park, the Parliamentary Triangle, Garema Place; onto rooftops, green-strips, and roundabouts. You’ll find us in the streets, lakeside amphitheaters, carparks and private houses.

We believe in participation; that art is the intersection between artist and audience. And so we invite you to draw blindfolded, join a treasure hunt, walk the streets, try on masks, ride your bike, have a conversation, dance your booty off, share a poem, make a film, bear witness, and to write a letter from the future.

This is our seventh year of the festival, and we’re always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves. We remain dedicated to improving the reach and accessibility of everything that the festival does. This year, artworks created through the lens of broader accessibility will challenge our staff and artists to
do better and think differently. We also threw out the challenge for artists to explore what connects us to place and land.

As always, we love to hear your feedback on what we’re doing. Get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, praise and critiques.

See you at the festival!

Amelia, Morgan and Rochelle
You Are Here 2017 Producers