In 2019 we are continuing our commitment to accessibility because we believe everyone should be able to take part in arts and culture. We are in an ongoing process of listening to expert voices, researching the barriers to entry that commonly exist, and always open to receiving questions and feedback.

The event descriptions in this program and on our Facebook page are our earnest attempt at including all of the information that could impact your access and sense of being welcome at the event. We care about your needs as an individual so please contact us directly to talk to us about specifics and inform us of your personal requirements. We would be delighted to make extra efforts on your behalf. Yes you, we’re talking to you!

Wheelchair Access

Most of our 2019 events are wheelchair accessible, and we have indicated in the event descriptions any events that have areas of uneven ground (such as the public streets in the CBD)

AUSLAN interpreting and Assistive listening

If you would like to check if an event can be AUSLAN interpreted, or if a hearing loop can be made available, please contact us.

Parking and transport

Please contact us for information on accessible parking and public transport options for festival venues.

Program Formats

If you would like a large print version of the program or any reformatting of the program in line with your needs, please contact us.


If you have ANY questions about the accessibility of the festival or want to make a booking for an event requiring registrations, please contact us.

You can send us an email to or you can call us on 0422 873 318.

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