Lillian Paterson

Lilian is a filmmaker, storyteller and artist. she/her


Lillian is a writer, director and video artist. Her short narrative film, Call History (2020), unfolds in one room with one character and screened at festivals around Australia. In 2018, she made the short documentary, Lives in Action, alongside Hawanatu Bangura. This was part of her work with Bus Stop Films, an organisation that provides film workshops for adults with
intellectual disabilities. During 2020 and 2021, Lillian experimented with non-narrative video artmaking in Cloud Exchange, made as part of a collaborative community project, and Sunder, an iteration of a larger project created as part of You Are Here’s Cahoots artist development program. Lillian is currently a freelance writer on historical documentaries and
has worked as an assistant director, researcher and director’s assistant on films and TVCs. She is also developing a queer romance drama set in 19th century Australia.