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Sometimes you just need a night at home! Join us for a cosy night of intimate performances in a festival friendly house. Tucked just beyond a bustling Canberra hotspot, these performances sit in a distinctly suburban scene, telling private yet familiar stories. We’re getting ready to tackle some heavy stuff. We’re gonna laugh. Maybe even get a chance to win someone’s heart. All the things that should and do happen within the walls of your average home. Join us (for a not so average night!) as we navigate a space between the public and the private life.

House-Bound events:


Artist: Christopher Bryant

Intimacy is dead, and we’re partying with its corpse online. Intoxication is a post-dramatic patchwork that explores how the intense fear of being alone rules modern society, and how one person’s loneliness is symptomatic of everyone’s problem.

The Youngest I Am Ever Going To Be

Artist: Ethan Andrews

Ethan Andrews grew up in a mining town with the highest ratio of men to women in Australia. In a place where a well-trodden path is laid out for young men, a break up and self-help book set him off course. This bedroom-based autobiographical comedy is about youth, love and choosing between change and stability.

This, This Is Mine

Artist: The Corinthian Food Store Collective

Following a successful NYC premiere, Sydney-based ensemble The Corinthian Food Store bring their new work TTIM to a living room in Canberra for two performances only. ‘I don’t want to tell you anything about this play except that you should go – because the whole experience is a really nice surprise.’ – Samantha Groth, FBI.

This event is 18+