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Jumpcuts @ YAH

  • LOCATION: The Phoenix Pub : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: Jumpcuts
  • WHEN: 7pm to 10pm
    9 April 2017


Jumpcuts is Canberra’s first ever open mic for films. Filmmakers and non-filmmakers alike are challenged to develop ideas and create films based on a monthly theme. So far Jumpcuts has encouraged the development of one long-running hard-boiled detective series as well as many one-offs and sporadic episodes. Jumpcuts is loads of tonnes of fun, so everyone should come. Yes.

Graciously hosted by The Phoenix, where the beers are always flowing and the atmosphere is always fantastic.

This event is 18+


The Jumpcuts team are a ragtag bunch of know-nothings and do-it-alls, our MCs (Filmmaker/Comedian Extraordinaire) Ellie Windred and (Disgraced carnival wrestler) Nick Delatovic own the stage as they deliver their original brand of dull wit. Hacker Dom sits politely on the side of the stage, doesn’t pay great attention and promises to make a mess of the fluidity of night at least once a Jumpcut. Judge Elise Dare sits in the crowd and snuffs out any spark of creativity before it can blossom.

We are nice.

  • Photo: Adam Thomas