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Modified Furniture

  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: Benjamin Drury
  • WHEN: 5 April 2017 - 9 April 2017


This installation examines the ways music can be presented and how it enters our lives. The piece consists of 6 intersecting audio loops and speakers each placed inside a different draw in pieces of furniture. Audience members can acoustically effect the sound of the piece by pulling draws in and out to create different sounding combinations and resonances ensuring that the piece is never heard the same way twice.


Benjamin Drury is a Canberra based composer improviser and sound artist. His practice crosses between popular, experimental and classical musics in performance and composition. He has presented work at festivals and conferences around Australia, including You Are Here, Art Not Apart, The Canberra International Music Festival, Tilde~, SoundOut, Electrofringe and The International Conference for Auditory Design. His first record “Sentence Fragment: Consider Revising” Came out in February 2017.


Image: Benjamin Drury

  • Photo courtesy the artist