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Ms Constance Spry’s Letter Writing Service

  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: Rose Marin and Pip Buining
  • WHEN: 6pm to 7:30pm
    5 April 2017


Don’t miss your once in a lifetime invitation to have the letter of your dreams written at Ms Constance Spry’s Letter Writing Service. Our writers will compose a letter of your choosing, be it a love letter, letter of demand, or just a good old fashioned complaint letter. It’s a sharing of thoughts and ideas set to a soundtrack of typewriters and witty conversation. Whether you post your letter is up to you; some letters are never created to be sent.

About the Artist

Ms Constance Spry and her star writer, Ms Pru Nonce are letter writers of the highest quality. Apart from an almost intimidating command of the English language they can type 50 words per minute with up to 10% accuracy.