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Municipal Animal (installation)

  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: Isabelle Mackay-Sim
  • WHEN: 5 April 2017 - 9 April 2017


Municipal Animal is an interactive exhibition to help you experiment with a new and fantastical identity – to escape your human repression and insecurities.  Isabelle Mackay-Sim’s elaborately constructed masks sit between sculpture and costume and their wearers will inject a healthy dose of surrealism into the landscape of the city centre. The masks are made from recycled materials crowd-sourced from around Canberra.

This installation has two Accompanied Explorations where participants are encouraged to try on the masks to dreamy and improvised soundscapes by local indie duo, Kilroy.


Isabelle Mackay-Sim is a Canberra artist working primarily in ceramics, and delving occasionally into mixed media and found materials sculpture. She graduated from ANU School of Art mid-2015 and has since been involved in several group exhibitions around Canberra. Her work explores identity, gender, and how to be a good human being.


  • Photo courtesy the artist