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Project VirtualEyes 2.0

  • LOCATION: Reload Bar & Games
  • COST: FREE - Bookings essential, visit the YAH Hub Space to book
  • ARTIST/S: Pablo Latona
  • WHEN: 2pm to 6pm
    8 April 2017


Hypercept LLC — in conjunction with You Are Here and Pablo Latona — are beta-testing their new VirtualEyes technology. The less said the better. It’s very top secret. And now fully* compliant with human testing standards.

Stretch your senses. Join the resolution. Escape into reality.

To book your free 10-minute solo experience visit the You Are Here Festival Hub. Places strictly limited.
Learn more at

From the VirtualEyes training manual:
Wearing the VirtualEyes Brainport System, users are able to CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED. The patented HyperView interface leaves all other virtual reality systems in the dust, by creating a CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED in the CENSORED CENSORED. All sense pathways of the human CENSORED have been mapped to our CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED. The fully immersive DeepSee environment is a 1:1 20/20 representation of reality, giving CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED, which is pretty cool. CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED nausea and existential crisis. This is a known bug. Feelings of CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED are CENSORED. Please don’t put CENSORED in your CENSORED while using the system, as it could be lethal or embarrassing.

Accessibility: This event is suitable for people with a variety of abilities. But due to its top secret nature, please to discuss the event’s particular physical demands before booking.

This event is 18+

  • Photo: courtesy the artist