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This, This Is Mine

  • LOCATION: Location TBA
  • COST: Paid admission, booking required.
  • ARTIST/S: The Corinthian Food Store Collective
  • WHEN: 6:30pm to 8pm
    8 April 2017


TTIM is the story of Eva, an Anglo-Australian, who returns to the house of her estranged father following his funeral. While going through her old possessions her childhood friend Lester arrives, a Lebanese-Syrian-Australian, demanding they resume the plans of their youth by setting fire to the house and running away together. While the spectre of the outside world, Eva and Lester struggle to unearth and acknowledge their past and to assume control over their own narratives and in turn each other.

Set inside a decaying suburban living room, This, This Is Mine features the incomparable Matilda Ridgway (Belvoir’s Jasper Jones, Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet) and the inimitable Charles Wu (Channel 9’s Doctor Doctor, Foxtel’s Secret City, STC’s Chimerica).

This event is held as part of House-Bound


The Corinthian Food Store Collective is a Sydney-based ensemble dedicated to creating new work about the experience of living in Australia today. We are fascinated by the fluidity of Australian identity and we are dedicated to telling stories that reflect the diversity of our country in all its forms. The Corinthian Food Store shows grapple with clowning and live music, intellectual rigour and excessive idiocy to explode moral relativism and antagonise cultural norms.

The Collective was founded in 2012 by two NIDA Alumni. It is now Isabella Andronos, Michael Hili, Shiv Palekar, Duncan Ragg, Matilda Ridgway, Jessica Vickers, Vanessa White and Charles Wu.

  • Photo: courtesy the artists