27 Sep 2020


Chosen in her own time

By Ellie Malbon Hannah de Feyter

Braddon ACT, Australia.


A poetry and music collaboration with Eleanor Malbon and Hannah de Feyter. The work reflects a journey of healing between three female family members.

sister-daughter has seen the women she loves
eaten away before they
had a chance to feast themselves 
sister-daughter has seen the women she loves
turn to face her
the concrete liquid under their feet
sister-daughter has seen the women she loves
peel back their skin, pass it out and around
lay it again over their wounds
sister-daughter has seen the women she loves
slice their tongues in half
speak through both sides of their mouth
be who they needed to be in time

Eleanor Malbon is a poet and academic. Her words have a distinctly ecological flavour and she is a fellow for Tipping Point Australia and a graduate of Dark Mountain’s New Myths; both organisations dedicated to new words for ecological crisis and the age of endings.

Hannah de Feyter is a musician, arts producer, and emerging filmmaker. As a musician, Hannah performs solo with her experimental viola project ALPHAMALE, exploring connections between sound and gender expression. Her sound design work includes Vinegar Tom (Coup, 2016) Unbecoming (Canberra Theatre Centre, 2019) and series of short films with feminist erotica project Four Chambers.

They are working together for the first time on this new work-in-development.

Running time: 20 minutes.

This performance will be Auslan interpreted.

Book via the link above.